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Watch: David Lynch's 'Blue Velvet' is Restored in 30th Anniversary Trailer and Poster

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Watch: David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’ is Restored in 30th Anniversary Trailer and Poster

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Blue Velvet: five films that influenced David Lynch’s shocking masterpiece

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Blue Velvet (7/11) Movie CLIP - Baby Wants Blue Velvet (1986) HD

Remember me on this computer. Forgotten your password? The man's son, a college student Kyle MacLachlan , comes home to visit his dad's bedside and resumes a romance with the daughter Laura Dern of the local police detective. MacLachlan finds a severed human ear in a field, and he and Dern get involved in trying to solve the mystery of the ear. The trail leads to a nightclub singer Rossellini who lives alone in a starkly furnished flat.

In a sequence that Hitchcock would have been proud of, MacLachlan hides himself in Rossellini's closet and watches, shocked, as she has a sadomashochistic sexual encounter with Hopper, a drug-sniffing pervert. Hopper leaves.

Rossellini discovers MacLachlan in the closet and, to his astonishment, pulls a knife on him and forces him to submit to her seduction. He is appalled but fascinated; she wants him to be a "bad boy" and hit her.

These sequences have great power. If "Blue Velvet" had continued to develop its story in a straight line, if it had followed more deeply into the implications of the first shocking encounter between Rossellini and MacLachlan, it might have made some real emotional discoveries. Instead, director David Lynch chose to interrupt the almost hypnotic pull of that relationship in order to pull back to his jokey, small-town satire. I was absorbed and convinced by the relationship between Rossellini and MacLachlan, and annoyed because the director kept placing himself between me and the material.

After five or 10 minutes in which the screen reality was overwhelming, I didn't need the director prancing on with a top hat and cane, whistling that it was all in fun. Indeed, the movie is pulled so violently in opposite directions that it pulls itself apart.

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If the sexual scenes are real, then why do we need the sendup of the " Donna Reed Show"? What are we being told? That beneath the surface of Small Town, U. Don't stop the presses. The sexual material in "Blue Velvet" is so disturbing, and the performance by Rosellini is so convincing and courageous, that it demands a movie that deserves it. American movies have been using satire for years to take the edge off sex and violence.

David Lynch's ​'Blue Velvet' Covers the Darkness - PopMatters

Occasionally, perhaps sex and violence should be treated with the seriousness they deserve. Given the power of the darker scenes in this movie, we're all the more frustrated that the director is unwilling to follow through to the consequences of his insights. Rossellini is asked to do things in this film that require real nerve.

In one scene, she's publicly embarrassed by being dumped naked on the lawn of the police detective. In others, she is asked to portray emotions that I imagine most actresses would rather not touch. She is degraded, slapped around, humiliated and undressed in front of the camera. And when you ask an actress to endure those experiences, you should keep your side of the bargain by putting her in an important film.