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Investigations also revealed he was behind the robbery of Bruun and Scott was sent to jail. Upon his release in , Scott soon returned to a life of crime after failing to find work in the draught stricken New South Wales.


His bushranging days were however now numbered. A shootout with police at Wantabadgery resulted in the deaths of two members of his gang including a dear friend of Scotts, James Nesbitt and a trooper. His dying wish of sharing a grave with Nesbitt however lay unfulfilled for over a century. His remains were finally exhumed from the Rookwood cemetery in Sydney and buried at the Gundagai cemetery near Nesbitt only in Bushranger Captain Moonlite hanged 20 January View All. TV Guide Earlier. Clark was engaged to be married at the time.

The bushranger, south of Oatlands

The bush spot is on a low spur at Blandford below Murrurundi in the Upper Hunter, opposite Wingen's burning mountain, really, but you have to cross over the railway line further up to get access. It didn't later just stop at Maitland or Singleton though. Back in , Powell even published a comprehensive record of our bushranging days, entitled Bushranger Tracks.

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His book had been 40 years in the making. Powell's latest foray into the Upper Hunter only came last month when, as part of the Australian Heritage Festival, he led a walk of history buffs down a rough road to the 'forgotten' monument. Its condition is what you'd expect after being exposed to weather over more than years," the historian said. Now for the story behind the monument.

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  • The tales vary slightly, but Clark the drover was on his way to Queensland with three companions to buy cattle when they were attacked. The group had earlier left Bulga to travel north, camping below Warland's Range on the old road. A young offsider riding out front was bailed up first by a bushranger who was later identified as 'Henry Wilson', probably an alias. He fled as the bushranger fired a warning shot to stop.

    Historian: Author Greg Powell with his bushranger book. Picture: Mike Scanlon.

    At gunpoint, Peter Clark was stopped next and ordered to hand over his valuables. The bushranger, wearing a black crepe mask and false beard as a disguise, was agitated.

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    Clark delayed the request, lunging at the gunman, but was shot in the neck for his bravery. Clark is supposed to have then held the bushranger in a death grip, allowing his companions enough time to run in and grapple with the distracted gunman. Wilson then fired a second shot, proving fatal to the unlucky young cattleman. While it's beyond any doubt that Clark refused to give away his money without a struggle, one report has the wounded Clark falling and being shot a second time. This time, with Wilson standing over him, Clark was shot in the heart.

    Another report claims the night before the killing, Clark had been playing cards at his grandfather's inn in Blandford with a stranger Wilson. Wilson had a bad run of luck and left. Wilson then decided to take revenge to recover his money as soon as possible.

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    Another later tale told within the Clark family was that young Peter was warned that bushrangers might be waiting in ambush on the road, to which he defiantly replied: "Whoever takes my money, takes my life". Ironically, the fatal shooting may have been on Wilson's first day of trying out armed robbery as an occupation. Earlier that day he'd robbed and tied up other travellers.

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    Today, besides Clark's elaborate obelisk on Blandford's rolling hills, there's a second monument to his short life. Peter Clark's gravesite at Muswellbrook is very ornate and recalls when a bushranger's bullet ended his life on April 9, , while he was only 25 years and 11 months old.