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W hat are the main challenges for independent media outlets operating in Hungary today? What happened in Hungary is that the state has become the most important advertiser. This distorts the entire system because it channels advertising to media outlets that are friendly to the government and starves those that are critical toward it. This ongoing situation means that many private companies depending on the state or on the current political environment at some level will not advertise on media outlets that criticize the government.

In the s, foreign ownership was predominant in the Hungarian media, but then the financial crisis happened and it was a disaster for mainstream media in many countries because the advertising market collapsed.

The traditional business model folded and most of the foreign companies involved in small media markets of fewer than ten million people — like Hungary and the Czech Republic — rushed for the exits. These companies wanted to depart Hungary as soon as possible, so they sold their media assets to Hungarian oligarchs. The challenge for independent media that are criticizing the government — such as Direkt36, Atlatszo, or Index.

They reach only those who are already unhappy with the status quo, mostly in large urban centers. This means that if there were a major shift or a political earthquake within the government it would be very easy to keep it hidden from most Hungarians for quite some time. However, there is a different and more subtle kind of control here.

Do you foresee any forthcoming threat for the few independent media outlets left in Hungary?

Budapest, Brussels lock horns over Hungary's media law, taxes

Today the portal Index. Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind Diskurs- und Kulturgeschichte der deutschen Zweistaatlichkeit und der ostdeutschen Transformation sowie die Generationengeschichte der DDR und Ostdeutschlands. History, Oxford Read more. In he was awarded the Latsis Prize of the European Science Foundation for his work on immigration and social cohesion in modern societies.

Among his many publications are Immigration and Boundaries of Citizenship , Transnational Citizenship: Membership and … Read more. Geschichte, Cambridge Read more. Freelance journalist, Wien Read more. Soziologie, Seattle Read more. Mischa Gabowitsch gabowitsch. He is the author of Putin kaputt!? Suhrkamp, , a study of the Russian protests for fair elections, and maintains protestrussia. Warsaw correspondent for Die Welt Read more.

Jahrhundert und die Geschichte des Konsums in Europa. Geschichte Read more. Haraszti studied philosophy and … Read more. Freelance journalist, Berlin Read more. Jennifer L. Hochschild is Professor of Government at the John F. Bruce P. Jackson is the founder and President of the Project on Transitional Democracies. The Project is a multi-year endeavour aimed at accelerating the pace of reform in post democracies and advancing the date for the integration of these democracies into the institutions of the Euro-Atlantic.

Jackson has written extensively about the engagement of Russia … Read more.

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Anatoly M. He has served as President of … Read more. Professor of Sociology, University of Belgrade Read more.

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He worked as a consultant for several nongovernmental and international organizations, icnluding UNHCR. Katherine S. Newman is the James B. She is a widely published expert on poverty and the working poor who led major interdisciplinary initiatives at Princeton and Harvard universities. Political Science, Boston University Read more. Politics, University of Essex Read more. Martin Pollack, geb. Zuletzt erschien von ihm … Read more. Er starb Lew Rubinstein lebt als Poet und Essayist in Moskau.

Hungary’s Media Law Package

Seit Ende der er-Jahre verfasst er poetische Arbeiten, seit serielle Textzyklen als so genannte Kartotheken. Zusammen mit Andrej Monastyrskij, Dimitrij A.

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Geschichte und Politikwissenschaft, Paris Read more. Paul Sanders is a historian and management scholar. He has published across the disciplines of history, international relations and leadership. He worked for various newspapers, among them as editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

From to he was Editor-in-Chief of Die Welt. PhD in Political Science Read more. Political Science, Paris Read more. Er starb in der Schweiz. Roman Szporluk is Professor em.

Hungary's media crackdown affects global press freedom

His research focuses on modern Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish history, and on Marxism and nationalism in Eastern Europe. His research focuses on the comparative history of political thought in East Central Europe and the history of historiography. He is co-director of Pasts, Inc. He was … Read more. David G. Volodymyr Yermolenko is a Ukrainian philosopher and essayist. He is the author of the book Narrator and Philosopher: Walter Benjamin and his time , in Ukrainian. Forget password? Enter your e-mail address below to reset your password.

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Hungary's Orban exempts pro-government media group from scrutiny

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