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People come in with a variety of emotions including happiness, sadness, and anger. You have to be able to deal with each of those situations effectively by connecting with the person and showing him that you care about his unique situation.

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He has to believe that you will do whatever you can to make his situation better. This is especially true with your students and your teachers. You can't be a pushover, meaning that you let people get away with mediocrity. You have to set expectations high and hold those you are in charge of to those same standards.

This means that there will be times when you have to reprimand people and likely hurt their feelings. It is a part of the job that isn't pleasant, but it is necessary if you want to run an effective school. At the same time, you must offer praise when it is appropriate. Don't forget to tell those teachers who are doing an extraordinary job that you appreciate them. An outstanding principal can motivate using a combination of both of these approaches.

Introductory Video - Special Education for School Leaders

Nothing can take away your credibility more quickly than being inconsistent in how you handle similar situations. While no two cases are exactly the same, you have to think about how you have handled other similar situations and continue on that same track. Students, in particular, know how you handle student discipline , and they make comparisons from one case to the next.

If you are not fair and consistent, they will call you out on it. However, it is understandable that history will influence a principal's decision. For example, if you have a student who has been in multiple fights and compare her to a student who has only had one fight, then you are justified in giving the student with multiple fights a longer suspension. Think all your decisions through, document your reasoning and be prepared when someone questions or disagrees with them.

Each day presents a unique set of challenges and being organized and prepared is essential to meeting those challenges. You deal with so many variables as a principal that lack of organization will lead to ineffectiveness. No day is predictable. This makes being organized and prepared an essential quality. Each day you still have to come in with a plan or a to-do list with the understanding that you will probably only get about one-third of those things done.

You also have to be prepared for just about anything. When you are dealing with that many people, there are so many unplanned things that can occur. Having policies and procedures in place to deal with situations is part of the necessary planning and preparation to be effective. Organization and preparation will help reduce stress when you are dealing with difficult or unique situations.

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  7. You never know when an angry student, a disgruntled parent or an upset teacher is going to walk into your office. You have to be prepared to deal with those situations, and that starts with being an exceptional listener. You can disarm most difficult situations simply by showing them that you care enough to listen to what they want to say. When someone wants to meet with you because they feel wronged in some way, you need to hear them out. This doesn't mean that you let them bash another person continuously. You can be firm on not letting them belittle a teacher or student, but allow them to vent without being disrespectful to another person.

    Be willing to go the next step in helping them resolve their issue.

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    Sometimes that might be mediating between two students who have had a disagreement. Sometimes it might be having a discussion with a teacher to get his side of a story and then relaying that to the parent. It all begins with listening.

    Essentials for Principals: The School Leader's Guide to English Learners

    Education is ever-evolving. This department's primary role is to develop safe and effective programmes to educate students on healthy living and physical education, and involves mastery of a sport and acquiring basic movement skills. The primary goals of the human-resources department are attracting, developing, and retaining staff in the education ministry.

    It formulates operational policies and systems which directly affect staff performance and attitudes. Information technology harnesses technology to facilitate efficient administration, management and education. A period of close examination during integration may be necessary to ensure that educators are using new applications correctly. Special education aims to facilitate a healthy learning environment for children with special needs or disabilities, giving all children an insightful and fruitful learning experience.

    [PDF] A Principal's Guide to Special Education (3rd Edition) [Download] Online

    Children may display learning difficulties or require additional materials for learning. Relevant courses are designed for children on the autism spectrum or with intellectual disabilities , visual impairment , hearing loss or cerebral palsy. The department tries to ensure that students with disabilities can participate in the school curriculum on the same basis as their peers.

    Special support services include accommodations, consultations, and personalised learning. Allied educators provide a high level of interaction with each child. This department's primary role is to create curriculum and programmes which promote character, arts, citizenship, moral education, and global awareness. Schools focus on values, collaboration, culture, and integration in approaching student-development programmes. Teachers plan and implement lessons based on pedagogical practices in an educational framework, [76] managing and updating student portfolios to recognise and assess diverse domains of development: social, emotional, intellectual, physical, moral and aesthetic.

    Pedagogical practices are supported by the curriculum philosophy, the goals and objectives of the subject matter, and individual student learning and developmental needs. A teacher's classroom-management style influences many aspects of the learning environment.

    The Six Elements of the Framework

    The four general styles of classroom management are authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and disengaged. Ministries and departments of education are responsible for the "design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of educational legislation, policies, and programmes". The board of education and principals are responsible for managing an educational institution's daily operations. The school board formulates policies and has decision-making powers. The principal has a professional and administrative role in the school. The principal supervises teaching and non-teaching staff, coordinating and managing day-to-day operations.

    Principals are also required to engage with parents and community partners and provide performance indicators to the ministry or department of education. Education in Australia is bureaucratic in nature. The national and state departments of education are responsible for the regulation of funding of education.

    Australia's educational system is governed by the Department of Education and Training , which is responsible for national policies and programmes. The department reports to two ministers; secretaries are responsible for the delivery of departmental services, which include corporate strategy, early-childhood education and childcare, higher education, research, and skills and training. Education in Finland is also bureaucratic in nature. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    School of Science and Technology, Singapore.

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