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Featuring a delicate band of gold plated sterling silver, this necklace is adorned with tiny budding crystals in cubic zirconia. Complete this spring look with a matching piece of delicate climbing vine dangle earrings from the same collection. Home Shop Cruise. Select options Add to Wishlist. Product added!

These things did the Nymphe of Delos devise for sport and laughter to you Apollon. O happy hearth of islands, hail to thyself! Hail also to Apollon and to her whom Leto bare!

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She bore two children. There, leaning on a palm, Pallas' [Athena's] tree, Latona in spite of Juno [Hera] bore her twins; from there again she fled the wife of Jove [Zeus], hugging her new-born infants, both divine. Pliny the Elder, Natural History 4. Rackham Roman encyclopedia C1st A. According to the story, Delos for a long time floated adrift.

Aristotle [Greek philosopher C4th B. It measures five miles in circumference. Its only eminence is Mount Cynthius. The Pasiphae of Thalamai was a dual sky and sea goddess who sent prophetic dreams. Pausanias, Description of Greece 3. Jones Greek travelogue C2nd A. On it is a sanctuary of Ino and an oracle.

They consult the oracle in sleep, and the goddess reveals whatever they wish to learn, in dreams. Bronze statues of Pasiphae and of Helios the Sun stand in the unroofed part of the sanctuary. It was not possible to see the one within the temple clearly, owing to the garlands, but they say this too is of bronze.

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Cicero de Nat. But according to the genuine and more general tradition, she was an inhabitant of Olympus, and beloved by Zeus. In order to escape from his embraces, she got metamorphosed into a quail ortux , threw herself into the sea, and was here metamorphosed into the island Asteria the island which had fallen from heaven like a star , or Ortygia, afterwards called Delos.