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Invested offers a step by step guide on how to go from having little investing knowledge to a becoming a successful investor in the course of a year. The book is packed full of insights, strategies, formulas, and first-hand anecdotes that all serve as incredibly valuable information for investors of all experience levels. We decided to sit down together and answer some popular questions about why we wrote the book and our feelings towards how we think it will change the way people look at investing.

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A big chunk of my life went into creating this, both in the amount of time and research that went into it, and the emotional work I dedicated to discovering what my story around money was and how I could break free of my fears. I really hope it resonates with people and that they can benefit from everything I learned along the way.

She does an incredible job of showing her journey from fear to confidence and as any parent out there can relate to, it means a lot that some of that journey was influenced by our father and daughter conversations. Like Danielle, many people who are new to investing are afraid. Danielle has been there and she knows exactly what people are going through and does a great job of communicating the principles that top master investors use but in an easy to understand way.

Particularly, her fear of learning to invest from her dad. The podcast really blew up, we have over a million listens and we discovered there is really an audience for our discussions. So the book is a way to go deeper into the discussions we have on the show and shares her journey. The InvestED podcast grew into a successful series with a hungry audience looking to invest. And we kept getting questions from listeners of the InvestED Podcast that had answers that were too complicated or involved to answer well in an audio-only format.

At the same time, I had started my own investing practice and I thought a window into my personal struggles and experience would be really helpful to people who were wondering how their own investing practices could fit into their lives and what a thriving investing practice really looks like. It took about a year. We outlined the book together, which was wonderful.

Then I wrote a first draft of most of it, which was wonderful. And then we edited together, which was initially frustrating! Neither of us has ever done a collaborative book. Though that comes as no surprise to me, because the author is a master of sexual tension. I dare anyone to read either one of the books in this series and say otherwise! If had to choose one thing I loved most in this book though, it would be Gianna and Christian's banter!

It gave me life!! Each encounter between them was a verbal sparring match that felt like it needed to end in the bedroom. Sometimes it did, and when that happened, my kindle almost caught on fire! The Maddest Obsession is a steamy mafia romance you don't want to miss! From the spectacular writing to the complex characters and smoking hot sex scenes, it's nothing but absolute perfection.

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Start with The Sweetest Oblivion, because you'll love that, too! As far as I'm concerned, the Made series is gold, and this author is one of the best I've read in this subgenre! View all 13 comments. Jun 15, NMmomof4 rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-star , disordered-mc , famous-wealthy-popular , mob-bad-guy-h , not-safe , cheating , separation-without-other-partners , love-hate , taboo , unlikely-couple.

The Maddest Obsession

I think Ms. Lori did a great job in giving us a jerk hero that still has enough underlying sweet to make him likable and redeemable. I also loved their banter, and the tension?! It was hot! My biggest issue and was an issue with the first book, The Sweetest Oblivion , for me too was the ending. Why, Ms. Lori, whyyy 4 Stars Overall Opinion: I've decided that I'm a fan of the messy-and-somewhat-dysfunctional-relationships-that-still-somehow-work type of stories, and this gives us just that. Lori, whyyy? Why such a rushed and short feeling ending with the epilogue that was just meh.

I wanted to experience their happy!

After all the crap that both characters had been through in their lives, their characters deserved some happy and I SO wanted it for them!! That being said, I'm digging this author's storytelling abilities Gianna is stuck in a forced marriage to a mob boss and she encounters the mysterious but oh so sexy Christian, who is a dirty FBI agent, many times throughout the years of her marriage.

They have an unfriendly banter and dislike for each other with a strong underlying attraction that draws them to one another at the same time. Through the years and life changes, Christian has always been there to save Gianna. The tension grows so thick that they finally give in and start a sexual relations that turns into much more. Overall Pace of Story: Good.

This has two parts of the past 1 chapter a year and the present, and I think the author did this well and had a good flow throughout. I never skimmed. Instalove: No, they've known each other for years. H Hero rating: 4 stars. I liked him. He was mysterious jerk, but I thought that the author did it in the right way where there was a good balance between the jerk and the damaged sweet guy underneath. I liked her.

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  8. She was a mess! I thought she was a hot mess in the first book so it's was nice getting a farther glimpse into her character here. I liked her strength and sass. I teared up a few times, but never needed any tissues. They have some hot tension, chemistry, and scenes -- but not so much it takes away from the story.

    The H dates OW for business transaction after with the h that causes jealousy. The h is married to 2 OM while intimate and developing feelings with H. Had what I would reluctantly call a HEA view spoiler [ married with child brief mention in brief epilogue. I don't even think it's a situation of me being greedy here I felt jipped.

    View 2 comments. Apr 15, Malene rated it it was amazing Shelves: part-of-a-series , arc , mafia-romance. Completely and utterly obsessed with Christian Allister. Danielle Lori you satisfied my alpha loving needs with this fabulous and entertaining mafia romance.

    The Maddest Obsession has everything I like and enjoy in a mafia romance. I was intrigued but that was it. Gianna knocked the socks off me in TMO. She is a fantastic heroine. No filter and honest with a complicated family history. The perfect match for a dirty fed agent. The hero Christian. Oh my! I knew his past must have been rough to make him the person he is.

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    So many layers and Gianna is the only one to peel them off of him. Their chemistry is explosive. The build up is deliciously sensual in the way of their bantering and the push and pull. They both give as good as they get.

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    He is one smitten man and it was sooo good! I recommend reading it before The Maddest Obsession cause it so worth it. Especially because of Ace. The Made series is a must read. Her prose is poignant, haunting and gritty. Her character development and storytelling are flawless leaving me wanting more of her words. I especially hope I get more from The Made Men. View all 20 comments.

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    Apr 14, Carvanz rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , push-and-pull , alpha , male-pov , stalker-qualities , alpha-hole , complicated , fbi-police , favorite-author , part-of-series-but-stands-alone. Holy heck!!! We only thought Nico was the ultimate possessive hero! Christian takes things to a whole other level! After marrying into the Cosa Nostra, Gianna finds herself playing hard to adjust to the disappointments life has served her. When a drug arrest lands her in the possession of a federal agent, she expects to be interrogated about the men who make up the lifestyle she has been a part of since her marriage.

    His connection to the Cos Nostra was unwanted until something, or someone, caught his attention. Reorganize my things. Fill my apartment with sugary cereal. And most importantly, slowly dig her way into my past. Maybe even be disgusted. She has her own taste in clothing, a seemingly wide open personality that pulls everyone in, and a dark past that has left its mark in the form of panic attacks.