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If Miracles Signs and Wonders are Not Following you, Whose Fault is it?

Isaiah Here am I, and the children the Lord has given me. We are signs and symbols in Israel from the Lord Almighty, who Scripture: John Do you need to claim the promise of healing for yourself? For your family? For your friend? God is able to heal today. And as this is a Healing and Wholeness Service it is a wonderful opportunity for us to consider a few Scripture: Isaiah Many within the church believe that after the Apostles died and their writings were collected in the New Testament, the place of Signs and Wonders in evangelism has passed, and Christians should not pursue them today.

This does not mean miracles don't happen.

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It just says they are not the Healing, miracles, signs and wonders are for today! They did not cease with the passing away of the apostles and disciples of old.

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In fact, we will see greater things! Greater signs! Greater wonders! Greater miracles! Get ready now.

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By: Donna Kazenske I have really been pressing into the Lord for His wisdom, knowledge and understanding regarding spiritual things. I believe the Lord is drawing us closer and closer to Himself.

He wants His church to "know" Him. Scripture: Acts This is not always the case and for us to put that on sick people is wrong. Jesus can override anything…. By: Donna Kazenske I want you to turn with me, to 1st Thessalonians. But it starts with believing. Say this:. Believing is the foundation, but so many people stop short of receiving the love of God. They camp out on past failures and they put themselves in the position of judge and jury—rather than God who declared them innocent with the blood of Jesus.

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Unworthiness, guilt and shame all stem from fear, and the enemy is lingering, waiting to use your fear as a back door to steal the inventory outlined in the Word of God that belongs to you. Fear is a thief.

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Fear will block the miraculous in your life. In the Gospel of Luke, we get an up-close view of how Jesus dealt with fear when a man was facing a serious trial:. While Jesus was still speaking, someone came from the house of Jairus, the synagogue leader. Why was Jesus so quick to tell Jairus not to fear? Because He knew fear would hinder Jairus from receiving. Fear will prevent your miracle from taking place. Focusing on receiving the love of God will stop fear in its tracks.

Believing and receiving the love of God will put your focus in the right place to experience signs, wonders and miracles. Kenneth Copeland experienced this when he twisted his ankle and nearly broken it.

Why can't all believers do signs and wonders today

It was swollen and painful. He was attending a Kenneth E. Hagin meeting, and he wondered how he was going to make it through. Gloria laid hands on him before the meeting started. Then, as Kenneth locked in on the Word of God being preached by Brother Hagin, his focus shifted from his problem to the love of God. By the end of the meeting, he was completely healed! He had received his healing without knowing when or how—he had just been completely focused on the Word instead of his problem. The love of God had driven out fear about his situation.

If you want to experience signs, wonders and miracles, you have to receive the love of God with your words. Change your words, change your outcome. If it is healing, for example, gather those scriptures, and speak them over your situation by faith. Then, rejoice as you receive! You have received love and faith will boil over. Be aware of them. Repent Repent Repent Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.


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Every problem is solved the moment you meet Jesus Christ physically. Fellowship 20th September Bible September 25, Fellowship 6th September Bible September 11, Fellowship on 30th August Bible September 6,