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Meet the author, Claire Dorotik-Nana. This handy reference guide walks you through the course unit-by-unit, allowing you to gain a better understanding of personal trainer concepts. ISSA and Hyperstrike provide you with an exclusive online exercise lab with over animated exercises. The practice Exam and quizzes test your understanding of the materials; so while you're reading you're preparing for the exam at the same time.

ISSA's certification exam solidifies your proficiency as a fitness professional. Choose a paper-and-pencil exam or utilize our secure online testing portal.

One No-cost Retest if necessary. Our online forum is where you can post client or business challenges and receive guidance from our on-staff Master Trainers and members of the ISSA family worldwide.

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All ISSA members get a free website to support their personal trainer careers online. Five pages of professionally designed, easily editable, fully hosted content is included. Choose from nine designs and put your best face forward online! All ISSA students have access to unlimited educational support. If you have questions about the course materials, our on-staff professors can guide you through. This support continues even after you earn your personal trainer certification.

Thinking about earning your transformation specialist certification on your own time? Get the first chapter of the textbook for free.

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  7. Launch live chat. Earning her BS in Kinesiology from San Diego State University, Claire began her career as a personal trainer and worked for many years specializing in weight loss, performance enhancement, and marathon and ultra-marathon training. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Claire has worked with the recovery population developing wellness programs, in residential fitness camps as a clinical therapist, and in private practice counseling individuals and families — including victims of the Aurora Theatre shooting.

    Claire is always thinking about ways to improve physical fitness and nutrition as a modality for improving mental health. What are you interested in? Personal Training Nutrition Other Specializations.

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    Become a Transformation Specialist As a Transformation Specialist you will be armed with the skills and techniques required to truly coach and influence behavioral patterns as they relate to your clients physical, mental and emotional well-being. Ready to start? Enroll today!

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    What You'll Learn From This Course Our course material is continually updated so you can be sure you're receiving the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Recognize and identify the stages of change. Describe characteristic features of each stage of change that can be used to assess the client.

    Identify the basic principles of Motivational Interviewing. Describe the techniques utilized in Motivational Interviewing. Apply Motivational Interviewing techniques to change client behavior Design strength-based program that incorporates elements of flourishing.

    Common types of transformation

    Characterize the five components of positive psychology. Incorporate specific skills to move the client from surviving to thriving. Describe the theoretical premise of commitment devices and how they may be helpful to personal trainers and clients. Explain the way in which commitment devices improve conscious control. Demonstrate knowledge of commitment devices and the ways in which personal trainers can employ them to improve the consistency of client behavior.

    Summarize the experience sampling method and how it can be used to generate behavior change. Incorporate the steps necessary to utilize experience sampling with personal training clients. How the ISSA Transformation Specialist Works We know that balancing your studies with an already busy schedule can be a challenge, which is why we designed a flexible, self-paced online course schedule that allows you up to 12 months to finish the program so you can study when, where, and how often you'd like. If b - a is a nonnegative integer, then. In Also, if a is a nonpositive integer, then In a similar way, when c - a - b is an integer limits are taken in If c - a - b is a nonnegative integer, then. Also, if a or b or both are nonpositive integers, then Lastly, if c - a - b is a negative integer, then we first apply the transformation.

    A quadratic transformation relates two hypergeometric functions, with the variable in one a quadratic function of the variable in the other, possibly combined with a fractional linear transformation. A necessary and sufficient condition that there exists a quadratic transformation is that at least one of the equations shown in Table In the equations that follow in this subsection all functions take their principal values.

    When the intersection of two groups in Table We can also use For further examples see Andrews et al.